I just published the last big set of changes to the photo gallery, finally implementing the features that I've wanted for years:

  • As you view photos, the URL changes to reflect the current photo. This allows any single photo to be bookmarked, and it will show up again later if you come back to it via that bookmark.

  • There are prev/close/next icons at the bottom of the photo, to help with navigation. In my older site, people often didn't realize that you could close the photo by clicking anywhere else on the page. Now there's an obvious close button, plus you can quickly browse to nearby photos without having to exit back to the gallery thumbnails.

  • The page background gets darker while you are viewing a photo, to make the current photo stand out from the page a little better.

  • You can right-click on a photo and save it. In my old framework, a right-click on the photo would cause it to disappear, making it very difficult to save local copies of the photo.

Now all I have to do is upload the rest of my old photos, which shouldn't take too long.