I've been working on the new site for months, using Google App Engine, and hoped to have it done before my hosting ran out with DigitalSpace.net on Sept-23. With that deadline approaching fast, I decided to go ahead and make the switch this weekend, even though the site is not 100% complete.

Things are mostly in place, but I'm only 2/3 done with the photo gallery engine. There is a really basic navigation scheme in place but it will be replaced with a much nicer Javascript system in the next few days.

After that, the big task will be to restore all the old photos that were there on the old site. This will take a little bit of time, because I will need to upload the photos to Picasa and then go through the slow process of tagging and describing them individually. In my old site, I stored all the photo meta data in one big flat text file, but now these attributes need to be attached to each photo separately.