Now this is a strange feeling.

A couple weeks ago, a friend turned me on to the hilarious blog The blog has a pattern: post a photo of an adorably cute animal, followed by a few scathing paragraphs criticizing the animal as if it were a pretentious human. I am not doing it justice, you have to read it to realize how funny it can be.

Just for laughs, I sent in a photo of one my cats, Scout. The photo had amused my friends and me for a few weeks and I thought it had a chance.

Sure enough, it showed up on the blog.

That site has over 7000 people who follow the new articles via Twitter, plus countless others who subscribe to the RSS feed.

It was weird coming home that day, and seeing Scout, knowing that so many people had read that article about her. Seriously, try to imagine this yourself - coming home one day, and realizing that your cat is more famous than you will ever be. Ever.

She didn't even realize it. I tried to show her the article on my iPhone, but all she wanted to do was get to her string.

UPDATE - November 2011: See this post for an update. 2011 has been a great year for this photo, showing up on, then Reddit, even George "Mr. Sulu" Takei posted it on his Facebook page.